Why Didn’t I Get Drops?

Cataract surgery at Milwaukee Eye Care has become even easier for our patients. For the past year, we have been offering dropless cataract surgery.

What do we mean by “dropless”? In the past, we have prescribed 2 or 3 different types of eye drops to be used several times each day for several weeks after cataract surgery. This was done to prevent infection and to assist the eye in healing without inflammation or pain. These eye drops have been an expensive and inconvenient necessity for our patients until recently.

Milwaukee Eye Care is happy to announce that we are now routinely performing dropless cataract surgery. Instead of prescribing medicated eye drops, the surgeon injects an antibiotic-steroid combination into the eye that works for several weeks to prevent infection and control postoperative pain, swelling, inflammation.

Dropless cataract surgery has been very positively received by surgeons and patients alike. Patients like it because there is no added out-of-pocket expense and because there are no drops to instill after surgery. Surgeons are happy because they are certain their patients are getting the medication they need.

If you are considering cataract surgery and are interested in dropless surgery, please call 414-271-2020 for a cataract evaluation with Dr. Foote, Dr. Edmonds, Dr. Sward, or Dr. Frame.