Oculoplastic & Aesthetic Services

Milwaukee Eye Care is your premier destination for oculoplastic and aesthetic services

Our dedicated oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Murphy, specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the areas surrounding the eye and mid-face. With years of experience and advanced training in ophthalmic plastic surgery, Dr. Murphy is committed to providing you outstanding care. That’s why we offer a wide range of oculoplastic and aesthetic services to help you achieve your desired look and maintain optimal eye health.

What are Oculoplastic and Aesthetic Services?

Oculoplastic and aesthetic services involve surgical and non-surgical procedures that focus on the areas surrounding the eye and mid-face, including the eyelids, tear ducts (lacrimal) system, orbits, and brow. Mr. Murphy uses various techniques to improve both the function and appearance of these delicate and intricate structures, addressing a wide range of medical and cosmetic concerns.

Is Oculoplastic Surgery Right for Me?

At Milwaukee Eye Care, our priority is providing you with personalized and comprehensive care that’s why we offer a thorough consultation process where our oculoplastic surgeon will discuss your concerns and goals, perform a detailed eye exam, and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

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