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Refractive Lens Implants

Vision Correcting Lens Implants

The FDA has recently approved the use of new revolutionary intraocular lenses (IOLs) for patients, with or without a cataract, who want to improve their sight for distance and near without glasses. Due to the advances in IOL technology a fuller range of vision is now possible, reducing or eliminating your dependency on reading glasses, distance glasses, bifocals or trifocals. Many of our patients who have elected to have presbyopia-correcting lens procedures report they can read a book, work on a computer and play sports they love such as golf with an increased freedom from glasses.

Milwaukee Eye Care Associates' surgeons have experience with many different implants including:

Generally, patients with healthy eyes, with or without cataracts, who are motivated to see well at distance and near without glasses or reduce the need for glasses, are good candidates. These lenses have been approved for use in all patients regardless of age. We would be happy to meet with you personally and provide you with more detailed information about the potential risks and benefits to help you decide which lens may be appropriate for you.

To schedule an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Foote or Dr. Edmonds, please call Milwaukee Eye Care Associates S.C. at 414-271-2020.

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