Dr Frame did my cataract on Tuesday morning & I got a phone call from him on Tuesday evening to make sure I was doing well which I was! Went back to see him the next day in the morning when I got home there was a message that someone had tried to delv. Flowers. when I got them & opened the card they were from Dr. Frame!! What a pleasant surprise! Thank you DR. Frame!! My surgery has been a GREAT success! I can’t wait to have the other side done next month!!

Karen (Cataract surgery)
Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Foote was so informative on the initial visit for my cataracts. Explained everything that a layman can understand and answered all my questions. The staff are great and so friendly. Dr. Foote and the staff at the Surgery Center were awesome and the surgeries were very easy. Loved that Dr. Foote calls to check on me the night of the surgery and the flowers they sent was such a nice touch. Highly recommend Milwaukee Eye Care.

Gail (Dropless cataract surgery)
Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Frame is awesome! He answered all of my question and explained the surgery in great detail. He is very compassionate and pays close attention to detail. His staff is very friendly and knowledgeable too.

Linda (Laser assisted cataract surgery with Multi-Focal lenses)
Franklin, WI

The quality of care I received during my recent cataract surgery was of the highest quality. Surgical results were far beyond by expectations and re-opened my world to all the life enriching benefits of excellent vision. Many thanks to all involved in my care and follow up. I will recommend you highly.”

Darlene (Cataract surgery)
Elm Grove, WI

It’s great to see without glasses!

Diane (Cataract surgery with Multi-Focal lenses and Astigmatism Correction)
Shorewood, WI

“My vision is crystal clear. I can see the clock in the middle of the night and like driving again.”

Beth (Cataract surgery with Crystalens accomodating lenses and limbal relaxing incisions for astigmatism)
Milwaukee, WI

“I’m very satisfied with my surgeries and with Dr. Foote and all the staff. They are great!”

Raquel (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Grafton, WI

“I have not seen this well, ever! I have had glasses since childhood.”

Grace (Cataract surgery with Astigmatism Correction)
Brookfield, WI

“An unbelievable miracle. I had no realized how much sight I had lost! I’m so very grateful to Dr. Foote, Dr. Lind and the staff for restoring my sight with such an easy and simple procedure.”

Shirley (Laser procedure for a secondary cataract)
Big Bend, WI

“Amazing experience – I highly recommend the procedure. The surgeon and care staff were excellent.”

Angie (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses and limbal relaxing incisions for astigmatism)
Brookfield, WI

“Milwaukee Eye Care represents the best in professional ophthalmological services in the Milwaukee area. With knowledgeable and skilled doctors supported by an efficient but also patient and caring staff, they make an excellent team to care for your eye needs. I am happy to recommend them to my best friends and family.”

Ruth (Cataract surgery)
New Berlin, WI

“Staff was very supportive and knowledgeable. Great results!!”

Nancy (Cataract surgery with Crystalens accommodating intraocular lenses)
Mequon, WI

“I am very pleased with my new lenses. Colors are much brighter. Distance vision is great. Reading is fantastic, even the tiny letters. I’m really very pleased.”

Hazel (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Brookfield, WI

“Dr. Peter Foote is very experienced and skilled. He answered all my questions and has excellent support staff. The offices are extremely state of the art. I would highly recommend Dr. Foote and his team for complete eye care.”

Dr. Erdmann (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Milwaukee, WI

“I am very satisfied with the care and experiences.”

Carole (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Elm Grove, WI

“Great! I love it!”

Robert (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lens)
Cudahy, WI

“Everyone at Milwaukee Eye Care has been above and beyond helpful, pleasant, and professional. I love being able to see.”

Rita (had cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Milwaukee, WI

“Cataract surgery gave me the gift of great, not good, but great sight! I chose the multi-focal lenses because I read a lot and had forever taken my reading glasses on and off, all day long. Now I can drive to the store, read labels and recognize faces all without glasses or contacts. Thank you, Milwaukee Eye Care, for helping me start a new chapter in my life!”

Claudia (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Milwaukee, WI

“I am enjoying my multi-focal lenses. I was quite hesitant to have this procedure done, but Milwaukee Eye Care is very professional and provided me with step by step instructions. They even took extra time to explain the lenses, the procedure, and the follow-up. Thank you.”

Beverly (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Grafton, WI

“I think [the Tecnis Multi-Focal lens implant] is a very good value. It’s wonderful to have vision like I haven’t had for years. I used to have strong glasses and a magnifier. Now I don’t wear glasses. I just look at things and read them. The procedure was painless and no problem at all. It was simple.”

Kenneth (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Milwaukee, WI

“I would recommend these lenses to anyone that needs them or wants them.”

Nicholas (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Glendale, WI

“Very good results.”

Barbara (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Milwaukee, WI

“A+ on everything. Phenomenal staff. Incredible.”

Jane (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Mequon, WI

“The entire experience was positive. The staff are very professional, yet friendly. The process was efficient and painless. The results are fantastic. My vision has not been this good in many years!”

Mary Ann (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Wauwatosa, WI

“I highly recommend this procedure.”

Mary (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Wauwatosa, WI

“Great treatment, follow-up and care from all staff. Plus, wonderful results. Appreciated doctor’s call following surgery and in-office follow-ups.”

Christine (Cataract surgery with Astigmatism Correction)
West Allis, WI

“Close and distant vision is great.”

Stephen (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Grafton, WI

“Dear Dr. Peter Foote, This was an outstanding experience in every aspect. It was top-notch from beginning to end not only in your office but in the hospital as well. My expectations for vastly-improved vision were met and my vision is still improving with each passing day. I am at the 32nd day from the procedure on my left eye. My decision to invest in the multi-focal lens was well worth the money. I am very active and enjoy the freedom from glasses. Thank you and your staff and thank you, again!”

Robert (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Cedarburg, WI

“I was very surprised it was so easy and went so fast. [I was also] surprised to get the call [from Dr. Foote after my cataract surgery]. I liked the flowers too.”

Lorraine (Cataract surgery)
Waukesha, WI

“Every Christmas I pick a meaningful event to write a poem about. My poem this year is entitled Life Changing and it is about my eye surgery.”

Looking around and seeing the world.
I had no idea my sight was so blurred.
Forever clear sight what a blessing bestowed.
Exciting technology or so I’ve been told.

Changing my life the surgery complete.
Happy for sight and seeing my feet.
A high tech new lens replaces the old.
Never thought I’d have cataracts at 56 years old.
Getting the surgery was never in doubt.
I could hardly wait to get them both out.
Now I see better than ever before.
Great to see all the things I adore.

Mary Ellen (Cataract surgery with Tecnis Multi-Focal lenses)
Mequon, WI

“Excellent treatment. Excellent care. Excellent staff.”

Dianne (Cataract surgery)
Waukesha, WI

“I just wanted to say how very happy I am with the results of the surgery. I now have 20/15 distance vision in both eyes… I just had to renew my drivers license and it was great to get the vision restriction removed! It is great to be outside and see so much more detail and colors… The color blue is so much bluer than I remembered! Even though you can read that this is the most successful surgery there is, it is still stressful because it is still your eyes. The process was painless with only a little discomfort… On the day of surgery the nurses and staff were great to work with. Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Foote. He did a great job and the results show that. I was so grateful that he called after each surgery to see how I was doing and the flowers… were thoughtful.”

Andy (Cataract surgery with Toric lenses)
Water Town, WI

“I am so pleased with [the] staff, [the] procedure, and especially Dr. Foote!”

Michael (Cataract surgery)
Brookfield, WI

“It has been a miracle. Ten years later [I am] thrilled to have had Dr. Foote.”

Joy (Refractive lens exchange procedure with mono-vision)
Manitowoc, WI

“Thank you, Dr. Foote, for a painless and easy cataract surgery. I can hardly wait to have the other eye done! And thanks for your extraordinary care. The phone call alleviated my concerns and the flowers were most unexpected and appreciated. You are the BEST!”

Glendale, WI

“I have had cataract surgery bilaterally recently and have 100% confidence in my physician and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone… Kudos to all at Milwaukee Eye Care, where the care is exceptional!”

Elm Grove, WI

“Awesome! Awesome! From cloudy horrible vision to 20/20! I can see near and far perfectly. Painless. Drs. Foote and Heilmann are wonderful. The office is very professional. I highly recommend the ReSTOR lens! Incredible!”

Mequon, WI

“After 30 years of wearing contacts, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to read and see far distances without glasses or contacts.”

Carol (received a Tecnis Multi-Focal IOL with both of her cataract surgeries)
Waukesha, WI

“Thank you Dr. Foote for an excellent job of removing the cataracts from both my eyes. It took very little time and was virtually painless. I now have a new pair of eyes to see.”

Milwaukee, WI

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