How to Prepare Your Eyes for Cataract Surgery with Milwaukee Eye Care

If you’ve recently scheduled cataract surgery with one of our surgeons at Milwaukee Eye Care, congratulations on being one step closer to clearer vision! We want your experience to be a smooth and positive one. While cataract surgery is something very routine to our doctors and staff, we know that this is a once in a lifetime experience for you. It is not uncommon to feel nervous about your upcoming eye surgery! To help you properly prepare for your cataract surgery with Milwaukee Eye Care, we’ve put together our top tips.


Planning for surgery

You will experience clearer vision following your surgery, and your need for glasses or contact lenses may change significantly. Prior to your treatment, discuss what changes you can expect following your procedure and whether you will need to wear glasses for certain activities with your surgeon at your office consultation. 

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Preparing for the day of your surgery

You will receive IV sedation during your procedure, so you will need someone to drive you home following your treatment. Make sure you arrange transportation prior to your scheduled surgery. We may prescribe eye drops to use following your surgery. Milwaukee Eye Care will send your prescription to your preferred pharmacy, and we recommend picking up your medication before the day of the procedure.

The night before surgery

We strongly encourage bathing and washing your hair the night before or the morning of your surgery.

We will give you specific instructions on fasting prior to your surgery.  Please review these instructions and fast accordingly.  Do not eat or drink anything past midnight (this includes cough drops, liquid medication, gum, hard candy).

The day of surgery

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing that buttons or zips down the front and avoid heavy clothing like sweatshirts, fleece, or sweaters.
  • Do not wear jewelry, contact lenses, or eye makeup.
  • Bring your insurance cards, sunglasses, hearing aids, prescription inhalers, and glasses
  • Take your medications as prescribed with a small sip of water. We may ask you to skip your diabetes medications until after your surgery. 
  • You can expect to be at the surgical facility for approximately 2 hours. The vision in your operative eye will be blurry for the rest of the day. Many people feel very tired following the procedure because of the sedation and rest for the remainder of the day

The day after surgery

By this time, your vision should start to clear up. Many patients find they feel comfortable driving themselves to their post-operative appointment. At this appointment, your eye doctor will check your eye to verify it is healing properly and answer questions that may arise. 


We hope the above information helps you feel more confident and prepared for your cataract surgery with Milwaukee Eye Care. For questions regarding cataract surgery or to schedule a consultation, please call our office at 414-271-2020. With our top-notch surgeons and experienced staff you’ll get the best quality cataract surgery in Milwaukee, WI.

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Mackenzie M. Sward, M.D.
Written by Mackenzie Sward, M.D.
Dr. Sward is an experienced and highly skilled cataract surgeon and comprehensive ophthalmologist at Milwaukee Eye Care