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What am I to do?

Imagine this scenario: Your child who has worn glasses for years and now refuses to wear them. You argue and you remind and the glasses are somehow never on his or her face.  Sound at all familiar?  At an age when image seems to be everything, teens sometimes feel self-conscious in their glasses. Refusal to wear… Read More

Solar Eclipse safety, be sure not to miss this rare occurrence!

Total Eclipse of the Sun August 21st, 2017 It’s been all over the news for months – on August 21st a rare solar eclipse will occur that will be viewable by the entire continental United States. This is something that nobody should miss out on! We want to share some vital information about this amazing… Read More

Technology and Your Child’s Vision

In today’s technology-driven society, many parents are worrying about what their children are being exposed to. “Screen time” is frequently discussed, and parents question how much of it is safe. There is a growing increase in the use of such devices in the classroom as well. Today nearly 97% of all classrooms have at least… Read More

August is Children’s Eye Safety/Health Month

School is right around the corner and it’s time for back-to-school readiness. Think seriously about adding “eye exam” to your list of things to do before school starts. Why start the school year with a visual disadvantage – difficulty seeing the board, squinting, coming home with headaches, maybe even getting poor grades? So before the… Read More

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