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What’s the Difference? An Expert’s Guide to PRK vs. LASIK

Imagine waking up to a world that appears clear, vivid, and in focus. You’ve left behind the frantic search for your glasses. You no longer struggle with the daily inconvenience of contact lens care. For those looking to simplify their life and transition to freedom from glasses and contacts, LASIK vision correction offers these opportunities…. Read More

What is Dry Eye?

Dry Eye Symptoms

As the colder, drier weather sets in, many of us will notice the drying effect on our eyes. Nearly 50% of American adults experience dry eye symptoms at least occasionally. Women are twice as likely as men to have this problem, with increasing age being the greatest risk factor. Dry eye complaints are one of… Read More

Tips for choosing the right surgeon for your situation

So it turns out that you need cataract surgery. Maybe you’ve known for a long time and delayed the decision to have surgery or perhaps you’ve recently been diagnosed and told you need to have surgery soon. The prospect of having surgery on your eyes can seem very scary. You might ask yourself how you… Read More

Can I fly after my eye surgery?

Spring and Summer will be here before we know it and with the lovely weather comes travel and vacation plans. Sometimes life interferes and foils our itinerary. We can never predict when a medical condition might pop up and cause us to rethink travel plans. It is common for us to field questions regarding travel… Read More

FAQ on Corneal Transplants

In July of 2013, Milwaukee Eye Care was fortunate enough to welcome Cornea Specialist, Dr. Jason Edmonds. In his short time with Milwaukee Eye Care, his practice has become very busy – he is regularly performing full and partial corneal transplants as well as cataract surgery. Here’s a little Q&A with Dr. Edmonds! What is… Read More

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