Viewing the 2024 Solar Eclipse Safely in Milwaukee

Mark Your Calendars: The 2024 Solar Eclipse

April 8, 2024 marks the date of the next solar eclipse visible in North America. The last total solar eclipse visible in North America occurred in 2017.  This year’s eclipse promises to be a major spectacle as there will not be another total eclipse visible stateside until 2045.

The Phenomenon of a Solar Eclipse

Image illustrating total solar eclipse sequence

During a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the earth. With a total eclipse the entire Sun is obscured. The entire United States will experience a partial eclipse. Select locations in the “path of totality” will experience the full eclipse.

Milwaukee’s Glimpse of the Solar Eclipse

In Milwaukee and the surrounding area, we will experience a partial eclipse reaching 50% coverage at 12:53 PM, peaking at 90% coverage at 2:08 PM, and decreasing again to 50% coverage at 2:42 PM.

Preserving Your Vision: The Importance of Eclipse Safety

Viewing a solar eclipse can be awe inspiring, but observing safe viewing practices is important. Looking directly into the sun, even when partially obscured, can cause permanent damage to your retina and blindness, called solar retinopathy.

The only way to safely view a solar eclipse directly is with the use of special solar filters. These filters must meet a worldwide safety standard ISO 12312-2. These solar filters are often found in eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers. SUNGLASSES AND HOMEMADE VIEWERS ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR DIRECTION VIEWING OF THE ECLIPSE!

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has a checklist for Safe Viewing. Solar Eclipse Eye Safety – American Academy of Ophthalmology (

Join Us in the Solar Eclipse Excitement

Milwaukee Eye Care is thrilled about the upcoming solar eclipse! To make the viewing experience truly memorable, we’re providing our patients with solar viewing glasses during the week leading up to the big day! Can’t wait to share this celestial event with all of you.

Milwaukee Eye Care Staff Solar Eclipse Viewing


Additional Resources for a Safe Eclipse Viewing Experience

For more information on where find appropriate eye wear or handheld viewers please see the American Astronomical Society

group of people in the park watching solar eclipse through safe solar viewing glasses


Local Milwaukee Eclipse Viewing Sites

Milwaukee Public Museum

Daniel M. Soref Planetarium

Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Manfred Olson Planetarium

Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium

Learn More About the 2024 Solar Eclipse

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National Solar Observatory Eclipse Map

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Jason N. Edmonds, M.D.
Written by Jason Edmonds, M.D.
Dr. Jason N. Edmonds is an experienced ophthalmologist who specializes in cataract, cornea, LASIK, and refractive surgery. He has been honored by Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee Reader‘s Choice award for the past several years for his work in LASIK surgery and is an active member of multiple professional organizations.