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Blue Light – how harmful is it?

What’s all the fuss over BLUE LIGHT? Blue light wavelengths, which are especially present in the morning light, are beneficial during the daytime in many ways because they increase attention span, boost reaction times, improve mood, and suppresses the sleep producing hormone melatonin. Human eyes are sensitive to light frequencies within the “visible light spectrum”… Read More

3D Vision at the Movies

Have you been to see any 3D movies lately? Summer blockbusters are in full swing and some of our soon-to-be favorite movies are being released in 3D. I recently found myself at a 3D film, but the glasses I was given were nothing like the red/blue paper glasses I wore at movies as a kid…. Read More

What determines our eye color?

When you meet someone new, their eyes are often the first feature you are drawn to. There is such a wide array of eye colors. The colored part of our eye is called the “iris”, which comes from the latin word for rainbow. Do you ever wonder why newborns are born with a hazy gray-blue… Read More

“Smart” Contact Lenses

Just when you thought you’d already heard about the latest in eye technology, Google surprises us again. The idea of the smart contact lens was introduced to the public earlier this year. Growing up, I’d always been into science fiction. You couldn’t keep me from the latest superhero movies. I’ve always been captivated by technology,… Read More

Your Iris Fingerprint

REPLACING PASSWORDS & IDENTIFYING PATIENTS Over the past few years there have been great strides in technology, especially when it comes to personal identification & security. As you know, one of the longest running methods of personal identification is the fingerprint system. Dental records have also been commonly used. As technology has improved over the… Read More

Are Electronic Devices affecting our Vision…?!?!

“My vision seems to be worse.” “When I am on the computer, things become fuzzy, like I’m looking through a haze. “My eyes are always tired and burning!” Does this sound like something you might say? It’s a complaint we hear often at Milwaukee Eye Care, and the cause is often a problem known as… Read More

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