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Video Games Can Improve Your Vision!

It’s not only fun to make Mario move, it’s good for your vision too! According to a study at the University of Rochester, playing “action” video games improves your contrast sensitivity function, crucial for things like reading and night driving. And, previous studies show playing video games teaches our brains to track fast-moving objects of various… Read More

Vision in the Animal Kingdom

Through The Eyes of Animals You might think that because we are intelligent beings, we are the most advanced creatures on the Earth in every way. This is not neccesarily the case! All animals have different views of the world, especially compared to humans. The HORSE has one of the best views of the world…. Read More

Welcome Dr. Nicholas Frame

Dr. Frame

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Dr. Frame is truly home at Milwaukee Eye Care, S.C. We are thrilled about the experience he brings to our staff and patients. Dr. Frame is a comprehensive ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery and the medical and surgical management of glaucoma. Dr. Frame loves bowling, fishing and spending time outdoors…. Read More

Tooth in Your Eye

Tooth In Your Eye There is actually a surgery where an Ophthalmologist will put one of your teeth in your eye and it will help you see! It’s called Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis (OOKP) also known as “Tooth in Eye” Surgery. Sounds strange, right? It really works for patients with corneal issues or disease. First, the entire front… Read More

Hawking Uses Eyes To Talk

How does Stephen Hawking communicate despite having ALS? By blinking. And the technology he is using is being mainstreamed in products that you buy! Stephen Hawking has one of the world’s most amazing minds, but also has one of the most debilitating diseases – ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. ALS leads to total paralysis of… Read More

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