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10 most commonly asked questions when scheduling cataract surgery

Is cataract surgery covered by insurance? Yes, cataract surgery is medically necessary, so insurance companies do cover the surgery. Each insurance plan is unique though, so make sure you do your research to see what your particular plan will pay. When can I resume normal activities…..are there restrictions on lifting or bending after surgery? Most… Read More

Houston We Have A Problem

Everyone is talking about sending a manned mission to Mars or even having people live there. It sounds exciting but there are many issues to be worked out and one of them is making sure your vision will be stable! File this information under, “Great Party Conversation” or “Trivial Pursuit”. Vision change occurs for about… Read More

Life Saving Eye Exams-Part 2

Regular eye exams are more important than just checking for a new eyeglass prescription. Sometimes, vision changes that motivate a trip to the eye doctor can be symptoms of much bigger health issues in a completely different part of your body. Here are more real-life stories from our doctors here at Milwaukee Eye Care. Dr…. Read More

Life Saving Eye Exams-Part 1

The eyes have been said to be the “window to the soul,” but they can also be a window to the body. Your eye doctor may find an abnormality in your eye exam that could be a sign of a problem somewhere else in your body. Even if you don’t have any vision problems, you… Read More

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