Life Saving Eye Exams-Part 2

Regular eye exams are more important than just checking for a new eyeglass prescription. Sometimes, vision changes that motivate a trip to the eye doctor can be symptoms of much bigger health issues in a completely different part of your body. Here are more real-life stories from our doctors here at Milwaukee Eye Care.

Dr. Robin Wilson saw a patient who had vague symptoms of “something wrong” that she couldn’t explain. “I did a visual field which showed field loss in a pattern suggesting a neurologic problem. I told her internist she needed imaging of her head, which was done and showed a meningioma the size of a baseball! She needed treatment for massive swelling of her brain and then eventually had surgery to remove the tumor. Today she is as good as new.”

Dr. David Weis recalled seeing a patient who was having an episode of blurred vision and pain. She was ultimately diagnosed with optic neuritis and Multiple Sclerosis. “Her mother sent me a thank you for being able to see her on short notice. She commented how grateful she was that we could see her daughter because she had lost a son due to delayed medical treatments.”

Dr. Jay Heilmann noticed some abnormalities in the retina of a patient and referred him to his primary doctor to investigate the source of it. “He wrote me a note one month later to tell me that an early stage lung cancer was found. He was treated successfully and is still alive.”

Dr. Michelle Pedersen saw a patient who was referred for vision loss due to cataracts. The cataracts were removed but the visual complaints persisted. “I ordered a visual field test and found defects suspicious for a brain tumor, which was then confirmed by radiologic testing. The patient underwent successful surgery and vision has returned to normal.”

Most people, whether or not they wear corrective lenses, should get a routine eye exam every 1-3 years. For those with certain conditions, routine follow up visits may be more frequent. Call us at 414-271-2020 to schedule your complete eye exam today.

Written by: Jenny Imhoff, Surgical Coordinator, Milwaukee Eye Care