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Smartphone Eye Tracker

SMARTPHONES, YES…VERY, VERY, SMART PHONES!!! We live in a technological age. Everything we do now is somehow computerized to make our lives easier. One such way is a new smartphone/tablet technology under development that allows you to scroll up or down on your device without touching the screen. New eye sensor technology automatically scrolls the… Read More

What exactly is glaucoma?

Putting Pressure on Glaucoma Patients ask me all of the time, ‘What exactly is glaucoma’? I’m so glad people want to know. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness, and your awareness is the first step in staying healthy! The most common type of glaucoma occurs when there’s a build-up of fluid in… Read More

Music is in the EYES of the Beholder

Have you ever noticed how often eyes are referenced in the lyrics or titles of songs? How many of these songs do you recognize? Eye of the Tiger by Survivor In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison Behind Blue Eyes by The Who My Mother’s Eyes by Bette Midler Bette Davis… Read More

Fix Your Broken Eyeglasses

Eye glasses and accidents …we’ve all been there! Maybe you turned your back for one minute and the dog got to them, or you searched the house high and low for your missing pair of glasses, only to hear an unexpected crunch under foot. Don’t toss out your damaged glasses! Bring them to me and I’ll fix them. In the optical… Read More

We Have 558 Years of Experience

We Have 558 Years of Experience! When you have an eye exam at Milwaukee Eye Care, you can feel confident in the results! One way to judge a medical professional is to consider their experience. If you are planning to have a medical procedure, you want to know how often the surgeon has performed the… Read More


A new layer in the cornea has been discovered! Best day EVER! Before this amazing discovery the cornea was thought to have five layers, but with the discovery of Dua’s layer it is an unabridged six! So, what does this mean? Dua’s layer (named after the Ophthalmologist that discovered it, Dr. Harminder Dua) is made… Read More

Eye Trivia – Did Ya Know?

Did You Know? That of every body part the eyes have THE most active muscles in the human body! A blink is only 1/10th of a second – seems longer doesn’t it? We also blink over 4 million times a year. No wonder its muscles are the strongest ones we have. Thats a good work… Read More

FAQ on Corneal Transplants

In July of 2013, Milwaukee Eye Care was fortunate enough to welcome Cornea Specialist, Dr. Jason Edmonds. In his short time with Milwaukee Eye Care, his practice has become very busy – he is regularly performing full and partial corneal transplants as well as cataract surgery. Here’s a little Q&A with Dr. Edmonds! What is… Read More

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