Eye Trivia – Did Ya Know?

Did You Know?

  • That of every body part the eyes have THE most active muscles in the human body!
  • A blink is only 1/10th of a second – seems longer doesn’t it? We also blink over 4 million times a year. No wonder its muscles are the strongest ones we have. Thats a good work out!
  • The eyes are busy around the clock; no rest for the weary!
  • Although we cannot do a “Total Eye Transplant”, we can transplant the Cornea (front layer of the eye), & we can replace the lens with an artificial lens implant (which is done in Cataract Surgery)! Only in the movies can we replace an entire eye, like was done in the film Minority Report with Tom Cruise.
  • Newborns do not produce any tears for their first few weeks… but their lungs & voices are quite developed, especially when hungry or tired!
  • There are hundreds if not thousands of songs & poems about the eyes, or with eyes mentioned in the title. Many consider them to be “Windows to the Soul”.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, was a Medical Doctor & practicing Ophthalmologist, while penning many of his great works!
  • There are around 2 million working parts to the eye. Yet is only 1 inch in length & weighs 0.25 ounce.

Written by Bart W., Milwaukee Eye Care’ Ophthalmic Technician