Monthly Archives: November 2013

Evolution of the Eyes

Did you know that creatures throughout Earth’s history have not always had vision as we know it today? Eyes are complex structures, but scientists believe they have not always been that way. I remember once being told that the eye was only one small part of the human body, so how complex could it possibly… Read More

Eating With Your Eyes

With the upcoming holidays, our minds get very busy with various things. I know for me that main thing is food! Every holiday bringsan amazing selection of food choices to the table. One of the first senses we rely upon to help us choose our food is our sight. The colors in a dish can… Read More

The Skinny on Dilation

Can I have a show of hands from everyone that loves having their eyes dilated……. If you’ve ever had an eye exam, you know that dilating the pupil is an extremely important part of your examination. It is the natural reaction of our pupil to constrict when a bright light is shone into it, which… Read More

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