Monthly Archives: June 2016

Summer Checklist

Summer is finally here!!!! I am sure, like me, you are enjoying the sunshine and soaking up as much as you can get! With the start of summer we are naturally outside more, with all the festivals, outdoor eating and lazy strolls through the park. With these wonderful things happening in our lives, we should… Read More

Oldest Practice With Newest Technology

Milwaukee Eye Care is the oldest ophthalmic office in the Milwaukee Area, but you will find leading edge technology here. We are proud to be the first to offer Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery in the Milwaukee Area and it’s got great advantages for our patients. Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery results in more precise intraocular lens… Read More

Helping Those Who Can’t Help Themselves

A typical eye exam relies on both objective information from specialized equipment and subjective feedback from the patient. Some patients, like those with Autism or Dementia, cannot always give appropriate feedback. Reasons patients are unable to respond during an eye exam can vary from a language barrier to a brain injury. Fortunately there are methods… Read More

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