Monthly Archives: September 2015

Sports Eye Safety and Injury Prevention

September is Sports Eye Safety and Injury Prevention month. With the start of the school year I thought this was a perfect topic to bring to everyones attention. As the school year begins, we are so consumed with getting folders, backpacks, and new shoes for sports that we often forget about protective eyewear. Below are… Read More

Can My Eyes Get Sunburn?

The eyes are different from the skin, right? Can they get a sunburn? The eyes are actually just as susceptible to the sun as our skin. Even on a cloudy day, the UV rays can bounce off the water of the lake or ocean, off the sand of the beach, off concrete as you take… Read More

Climate Change And Allergies

Climate change has been a hot topic for more 15 years. Now, it’s getting personal, as in your health. During the past five years, Ophthalmology practices have noticed a rise in dry eyes and eye allergies. No surprise when you consider that during the past decade, nasal and ocular allergies have more than doubled. Some… Read More

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