Climate Change And Allergies

SneezeClimate change has been a hot topic for more 15 years. Now, it’s getting personal, as in your health.

During the past five years, Ophthalmology practices have noticed a rise in dry eyes and eye allergies. No surprise when you consider that during the past decade, nasal and ocular allergies have more than doubled.

Some experts theorize that it may have to do with climate change. The long wet winters are causing plants to produce more pollen creating record setting allergy seasons year after year. Pollen season is now starting 2 weeks earlier than the 90’s creating a longer more severe pollen season, which equals dry, itchy, and uncomfortable eyes for us. This is becoming such an issue that the annual conference of American Academy of Ophthalmology is having a lecture on it.

What can you do? Go to your local pharmacy and grab some artificial tears. Keeping your eyes lubricated can help with the discomfort caused by allergies. Check out the local pollen count. You can go on-line and see when levels are high around you and try to stay indoors those days.

When you don’t seem to be getting the relief you need from using over the counter products, give us a call at Milwaukee Eye Care. We can help you solve the problem with a simple visit.

Written by: Paula Wadsworth, Surgical Coordinator and Technician at Milwaukee Eye Care