Eating With Your Eyes

Thanksgiving dinnerWith the upcoming holidays, our minds get very busy with various things. I know for me that main thing is food! Every holiday bringsan amazing selection of food choices to the table. One of the first senses we rely upon to help us choose our food is our sight. The colors in a dish can either draw or repel our interest. The appearance of foods can actually affect the way we taste them. Colors that are more intense, such as red strawberries, are percieved as being sweeter. Bright yellows are associated with tartness. Many restaurants pick their serving dishes with this is mind — many use white plates to emphasize the color contrast. Not only are we looking at the colors but we are also sizing up the amount of food to see if it will satisfy our hunger. The way we pile up plates of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn bread, and maybe some veggies shows that sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs! I am sure that all of us have been led astray at times by foods that looked amazing but tasted horrible! But come holiday time, everything usually hits the mark!

Pumpkins and Gourds

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Milwaukee Eye Care’ technician, Paula W.