Smartphone Eye Tracker


Mobile DevicesWe live in a technological age. Everything we do now is somehow computerized to make our lives easier. One such way is a new smartphone/tablet technology under development that allows you to scroll up or down on your device without touching the screen. New eye sensor technology automatically scrolls the screen based on eye movements, pausing when it can “tell” you need to finish a paragraph or continuing as you finish reading at the bottom of the screen.

Some of the companies working on this for you, the consumer, are Apple, Google, and Samsung – just to name a few!

ANOTHER feature of this technology is 3D viewing, WITHOUT the need for 3D glasses. Sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi show! And how many times have you fallen asleep while looking at your phone, tablet, or other device? With this technology, the phone knows you are no longer looking at it & will shut down! I’m not talking about the “sleep” mode most of these phones have had for years to conserve power, where the screen automatically shuts off after a pre-programmed period of time.

I’m talking a technology that recognizes your face & knows when you look away or blink.

It’s truly amazing, the advancements that have come in the last 10 years! Some other exciting future developments, both by Google, include contact lenses containing microchips that can detect blood sugar levels for people living with diabetes, & glasses that display a web browser on the lens, allowing you to search the internet, take pictures, and record video.

I CANNOT wait to see what’s next.

Article written by Bart W., an Ophthalmic Technician at Milwaukee Eye Care