Life Saving Eye Exams-Part 1

The eyes have been said to be the “window to the soul,” but they can also be a window to the body. Your eye doctor may find an abnormality in your eye exam that could be a sign of a problem somewhere else in your body. Even if you don’t have any vision problems, you may be referred back to your primary care doctor or to a specialist to investigate further. Seeking treatment can save your life. Here are some true stories from our doctors here at Milwaukee Eye Care.

Dr. Nicholas Frame saw a patient experiencing flashes of light and vision changes. “When I heard the initial story, I assumed it would be a retina problem. After the exam, I discovered no retinal abnormalities, and we discussed his symptoms in more detail. I then recommended an MRI. We received a follow up call from the patient’s wife who informed us he did indeed have a stage 4 brain tumor and immediately started chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The patient’s wife expressed her gratitude for this eye exam that saved her husband’s life.”

Dr. Michelle Pedersen had a patient who presented with complaints of double vision.“Because the eye exam findings were inconsistent with the typical reasons for double vision and because the patient had been feeling ill, she was sent to the emergency room. It turned out that she had life-threatening kidney failure but treatment was administered in time to save her life.”

Dr. Robin Wilson remembers a patient who came in with double vision and a drooping eyelid.”I sent him for emergency imaging which confirmed an aneurysm, and he had brain surgery right away. Without that procedure he would’ve had a huge stroke and probably died or have been left with a devastating disability.”

Dr. David Weis saw a young patient who complained of headaches and blurred vision.“I saw bleeding in the back of her eyes and recommended she get tested for diabetes. She was found to be a type 1 diabetic, and she and her family remain very loyal and healthy patients.”

Most people, whether or not they wear glasses or contacts, should get a routine eye exam every 1-3 years. For those with certain conditions, routine follow up visits may be more frequent. Call us at 414-271-2020 to schedule your complete eye exam today.

By: Jenny Imhoff, Surgical Coordinator, Milwaukee Eye Care