Tooth in Your Eye

Tooth In Your Eye

There is actually a surgery where an Ophthalmologist will put one of your teeth in your eye and it will help you see! It’s called Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis (OOKP) also known as “Tooth in Eye” Surgery. Sounds strange, right? It really works for patients with corneal issues or disease.

First, the entire front surface of the cornea (inner lining of your eyelid) is removed along with scar tissue from previous surgeries. It’s replaced with tissue taken from the lining of the inside of your cheek. A tooth and some bone is also removed, shaped and drilled to hold a round lens implant. Usually the tooth that is used is your canine or “eye tooth”, no joke! The new tooth/lens combo is planted in your cheek for about four months until it grows its own blood supply.

When everything is ready, the implant is put into place and the patient is looking through the implant with improved vision! The best candidates are people who are blind because of corneal scarring and have had failed corneal transplant grafts.

Wow! Let’s hear it for technical innovation!

Written by Bart W. Technician at Milwaukee Eye Care