Vision in the Animal Kingdom

Through The Eyes of Animals

You might think that because we are intelligent beings, we are the most advanced creatures on the Earth in every way. This is not neccesarily the case! All animals have different views of the world, especially compared to humans.

The HORSE has one of the best views of the world. Because they are considered prey in the animal kingdom, they need to be aware of everything happening around them. You’ll notice their eyes are on the side of their heads. It means they have a blind spot directly in front and behind them, but with a little movement, the horse has just about a 350 degree view around their body!

The EAGLE has stellar vision. That’s how the term “eagle eye” was coined. As predators, it helps the eagle find its next meal. Folklore tells us an eagle can spot something as small as a rabbit while flying two miles away! The eagle eye is about the same size as our eyes but there’s no comparison in the ability to see.

Did you know that some SHARKS never blink? They do have eyelids but many species keep their eyes open so that water constantly cleanses their eyes as they move through the ocean. If they want to protect their eyes, they simply roll their eyes into the back of their heads.

The CANINE (dogs and wolves) have challenges when it comes to vision. But they have humans beat hands-down when it comes to other senses. You dog has trouble distinguishing between the colors red and green and will detect light about half as well as you do. But when it comes to deciphering movement and smells they are definitley superior. When you bring a bone home from the butcher, your dogs knows it before you walk in the door!

Written by Bart W. Technician at Milwaukee Eye Care