What am I to do?

Imagine this scenario:

Your child who has worn glasses for years and now refuses to wear them. You argue and you remind and the glasses are somehow never on his or her face.  Sound at all familiar? 

At an age when image seems to be everything, teens sometimes feel self-conscious in their glasses. Refusal to wear them can cause problems in the classroom, with poor vision resulting in poor grades. Uncorrected vision can also negatively affect sports performance.

The optometrists at Milwaukee Eye Care have a solution that can make everyone happy, at least where vision is concerned…contact lenses.

With contact lens wear, vision is typically very good and sports vision is vastly improved over glasses (or no correction). No longer squinting, the eyes won’t be strained like they were with refusal to wear glasses. Headaches may diminish. Self esteem may rise.

Contact lenses could be the perfect option. Of course there is a certain level of responsibility involved, but with proper motivation just about anyone can be a contact lens wearer. There are even different types of soft contact lenses for different levels of responsibility. Daily disposable, 2 week disposable and monthly disposable. Ask your optometrist which option might be best for your child’s individual situation.


Written by Bart W., Technician with Milwaukee Eye Care