Stem Cell therapy replacing IOLs for cataract surgery

Stem cell therapy is the pathway through which many researchers are exploring new ways to heal the human body of its many ailments. Stem cell treatments are even being developed to address eye problems.

There have been multiple studies on stem cell treatment of eye conditions such as Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma. I was recently discussing the future of cataract surgery with Dr. Nicholas Frame (Glaucoma Specialist with Milwaukee Eye Care), who told me about a new study out of China, in collaboration with a group at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), that is utilizing the stem cells of the eye’s natural lens to regenerate a new clear lens. The results of the study seem promising so far in the test group of 12 pediatric patients born with cataracts. A treatment such as this probably won’t be available for several years as more research will need to be conducted in the United States in order to obtain FDA approval.

For any interested parties, the study can be found here.


Written by Bart W., Technician with Milwaukee Eye Care