Eye Tips for a Safe Holiday!

The Holiday Season is in full swing. Children are brainstorming their lists for Santa Claus and parents everywhere are checking ads for the best prices. It is a fun yet stressful time of year for everyone. Many questions run through our minds. Did you buy the perfect gift for your son/daughter? Will they use this toy often? Will the loud sounds bother the pets?

The most important question is…. HOW SAFE IS THIS TOY? Everyone remembers that line from A Christmas Story,”You’ll shoot your eye out kid.” Below are a few key tips to remember when buying that all-important toy your child is dying to have:

  • Beware the “projectile” toys – Every year eye doctors are treating patients with injuries from such toys as an airsoft, bb guns, paintball guns, darts, nerf guns, etc.
  • Laser light toys – Never allow children to get a toy with laser light that might, if used improperly, be shined directly into the eye. Concentrated laser light, even from a toy, can cause irreversible damage and vision loss.
  • Make sure toys are age appropriate as a child might get unintentionally hurt playing with something meant for someone older.
  • Stimulate and educate – There are many classic gifts available that can both entertain and educate the young recipient. Toys that help stimulate the senses and the brain are always a positive.
  • Be Involved – Stay educated on the types of toy given to your child. Know the hazards. Show them how to use their new toy properly to avoid issues of injury in the future.

Any toy that promotes togetherness of family/friends is a good purchase. The doctors and staff at Milwaukee Eye Care wish the happiest of holidays to all of our patients and readers. We are always here to serve should there be any kind of eye injury during the season.