Wintry Weather Tips

If the Old Farmers Almanac is true then this winter is going to be a brutal one!

Did you know that even in the cold winter months it is vital to keep our eyes protected, especially from the elements of wind and snow? The eyes can become uncomfortably dry and irritated. Following are a few tips to help maintain good eye health for this winter.


In the house it is important to keep a humidifier running in heated areas. The heat dries out the surrounding air, causing the eyes to dry. Keeping a humidifier running will help counteract the drying effects of heating your home.

Contact Lens Care:

Contact Lenses can also start to feel like they are drying out. Be diligent about keeping the contact lenses well lubricated with artificial tears approved for use with contact lenses. Some find it more comfortable to limit contact lens wear in the winter months.


Bundling up with a scarf, coat and goggles/sunglasses will not only keep the body warm, but also keep the eyes well protected from the elements. Even during the winter months, it is important to wear UV-protective sunglasses. Remember that the sun does reflect off the snow, enhancing its effect, and in some cases can even give the eyes a sunburn!

Stay warm and cozy this winter!


Written by Bart W., Technician with Milwaukee Eye Care