Back To School–Are Glasses Cool? (Tips for helping your child adjust to new glasses)

 harry potter glasses and wand

How would you describe your glasses? Are they fun? Are they fashionable? Do they accentuate your personality? These days, it has become fashionable to wear glasses to enhance your style, whether or not you actually need vision correction. But not too long ago, glasses were associated with negative traits like being nerdy or weak or clumsy. You may still notice that certain TV characters who wear glasses are portrayed that way. But we’ve come a long way from the smart but awkward Velma in Scooby Doo to Harry Potter the hero. Both were lost without their glasses but both saved the day!

If your child’s Fall attire will include new glasses, your child may feel nervous about going back to school.

  • Let your child help pick out their frame.
  • Make sure the frame is adjusted so it’s comfortable for the child to wear.
  • Encourage them to wear the glasses as much as possible, even though things may seem a little “off” at first.
  • Celebrate their new “look” in a way that makes them feel good.
  • Point out the benefits as your child experiences them (i.e. “Wow, you can read that sign all the way across the room!”).

boy with glasses working on laptop

Glasses have become “cool” in many ways. The coolest way is helping you see more clearly!

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Written by Jenny I., Surgical Coordinator