Have a hobby? There are glasses for that.

As a hobby enthusiast, I feel confident you will agree that the seasons just would not be the same without the multitude of hobbies available to us. A good hobby can become frustrating without a proper, functional pair of glasses. There is nothing worse than struggling to read the fine print on the directions, failing to block out the sun while out on the water, or missing that catch of a lifetime due to glare. I am here to tell you not to worry! There are glasses that we can customize for every hobby out there. From Archery to Zorbing, there is something for everyone!


To start, who doesn’t enjoy a good pair of sunglasses? They are fun and functional! Having a pair of sunglasses just makes complete sense to me. So let us go over some aspects of sunglasses that you may not be aware of regarding your hobby. Below are just a few of the features polarized sunglasses can offer. There are so many possibilities once you get started!

  • Reduces glare on the water for a better fishing experience.
  • Helps block the sun’s rays to catch that fly ball, view your kite flying high in the sky, and navigate those waterways with your canoe or kayak. Your outdoor experiences become more about the experience than not being able to see.
  • Uses technology to give visibility to different terrains while bike riding, golfing, running, and outdoor sports.

Near Vision Lenses

Knitting, painting, scrap-booking, reading, Lego building, and writing. What do these hobbies have in common? Details, tiny intricate details! Near Vision glasses and strain reducing Eyezen lens are your go-to with these hobbies. Need to read that cooking recipe? Need to attach that last model piece to the vintage car replica? These types of eyeglasses are there for you in those moments.

Lens Coatings

Another important part of your eye wear, aside from the design of your lens, are the protective coatings and enhancements.

  • Blue light Protection: Great for gamers and for anyone who spends time on a computer, tablet, and mobile screen.
  • Anti-Reflective Coatings: Photographers love when you add this, you avoid the white glare lines on your lens in pictures and we get to see your eyes. If you are a big movie buff, you will notice many actors wearing glasses have this on their lens, it’s a must! A bonus, this enhancement will improve your night vision and reduce halos and reflections.

There are so many available options that will help you with anything you do, I could not possibly list them all.

Next time you start up a hobby, or dive into the hobby you already love, think about giving yourself that extra edge and stop in to one of our locations to see what options are available for you to give you the best experience doing something you love!





Written by Lizi Lagunas, ABOC Optician