Rose Tinted Glasses

“Rose Colored Glasses”

Red SunglassesThis phrase stirs up images of young love, but did you know that tinted glasses can help with your vision? Rose-tinted glasses can help with eye strain and help reduce the glare from computer screens and from snow. We need that this year!

Yellow tints are popular among hunters; they improve sharpness of vision by filtering out the scattered, out-of-focus blue light from the scene. They also assist in low light conditions and help sharpen the contrast between objects and their backgroud. The brightness of this lens makes it the choice of many outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The more common tints for sunglasses are browns and greys; they are popular because of their overall light protection. An important advantage to brown and grey tints is that they can be polarized, which offers better glare protection and is especially good for snow or water sports. Brown/Amber lenses contain a red element which can actually help with depth perception as well as improve contrast and reduce glare, making it an overall good choice..

Some companies are producing sporting glasses intended to improve an athlete’s abilities by filtering out certain wavelengths of light specific to their sport.. For example, a mountain biker might use glasses which allow in more reds and yellows, enhancing their ability to see tree roots and loose soil. It is based on “optic science” and is all about balancing the colors of your environment to your advantage. Some believe that an application of this science can help people suffering from learning problems, dyslexia, ADD, autism, and migraines, among other problems. The idea is to use color-based technology to filter out offensive light waves so that the brain can process visual information more efficiently. This concept is somewhat controversial in that studies have produced varying results, and it seems that one filter color is not best for all people with the same diagnosis. This should not be considered a cure, but could be a non-invasive way to offer help to some.

Yellow Sunglasses

No matter what color your world is tinted, Milwaukee Eye Care is here to make sure it is clear 😉

Written by Paula W., Ophthalmic Technician/Surgical Coordinator for Milwaukee Eye Care