A Day in the Life of Superman’s Vision

With the upcoming release of the new Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, I’ve been watching the trailers and wondering one thing:

What would it be like to have Superman’s vision?

Based on my knowledge of comics, I remember that Superman has several special visual powers. First and foremost, there is his X-Ray Vision, but he’s also been known to possess Heat Vision, Telescopic Vision and Microscopic Vision.

In the scientific real world, an x-ray is an electromagnetic wave of energy that can be used in medical testing to view the interior of the human body. In Superman’s comic reality, he uses X-Ray Vision to look through walls to assist in crimefighting, searching for lost or kidnapped indviduals, assessing injuries, etc. How nice it would be to have this power when I lose my car keys or my phone.

Imagine using Heat Vision to cook your meals, similar to what Christopher Reeve’s Superman character did when he saved the day from Lois Lane’s undercooked turkey. Think of the money we could save on heating bills! I know I would use that special power to clear the snow off my driveway.

Being able to watch something happen hundreds of miles away would be great. With Telescopic vision, we would never have to miss an important event. We could watch the Super Bowl without a television, observe the beauty of a rain forest, or look out into the universe to see the wonders of another planet…all without leaving the comfort of our own homes. With Microscopic Vision, we could see what a molecule or atom looks like without the use of technology. Maybe we’d be able to look closely at a person and see them in cellular detail, giving us the ability to diagnose illnesses with just a glance.

On the more human side of the “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer, we see Batman’s eyes glowing through his cowl. Technology is there now. What he appears to be using is a very advanced computer, similar to the Google Glasses that came out within the last few years. With Batman’s resources I can imagine his are the best technology unknown to man to help fight crime, assess threats, and find heat signatures of people he is observing.

As I come back to the reality that I have none of these powers, I feel a little bit sad but maybe it’s for the best. I can only imagine the downsides.

Written by Bart W., Technician with Milwaukee Eye Care