Big Chill & Blurry Vision

Do your eyes water when you’re out in the wind or cold? Do they ache or hurt? Are they red? Is your vision blurry at times but improves with a blink? These are common symptoms of dry eyes. In some cases you may even have the sensation that something is in your eye.

Before leaving the house in winter, it’s easy to remember to bundle up. So, what can you do to protect your eyes?

  • Blink frequently. This will help to distribute the natural tear film across your eye to alleviate blurriness.
  • If you don’t wear glasses or sunglasses, wear goggles, especially for extended time in the cold air and if wind is also an issue.
  • Use Artificial Tears (lubricating eye drops) as necessary. Choose drops that are preservative-free, which should be indicated on the box or label.
  • Warm compresses can also improve your eyes’ natural tear film by improving the tear secretions from the oil glands in your eyelids.

If your symptoms of blurriness, redness, or watering persist or are not alleviated with artificial tears, you may have a more serious eye condition and should seek consultation with your eye doctor. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Don’t miss out on outdoor winter activities – protect your eyes and enjoy the fun!

Mother & Daughter

Written by Jenny Imhoff, Surgical Coordinator, Milwaukee Eye Care