Eye Trivia III

Eye Fact Trivia Wows!

Keep your friends entertained with trivia about eyes that will make you look like a genius!

Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, experienced episodes of Micropsia (objects appearing smaller than they are) during Migraine Headaches. It is speculated that these episodes may have inspired him to write about Alice seeing objects smaller than they were.

An ostrich’s eyeball is larger than its brain! Their eyes are about the size of billiards balls.

It is true that can pigs NOT fly. They also cannot physically look up into the sky because their necks are too short!

Dolphins sleep with one eye open, as they rest only half of their brain at a time…wouldn’t you if you had to worry about sharks?

The common goldfish is the ONLY animal that can see infrared & ultraviolet lights!

A scallop has 35 blue eyes along with 2 types of retinas! They aid in tracking movement of possible predators & can only detect motion by sensing light or dark, for example the shadow of a predator!


Bart Wiggenhorn, Technician, Milwaukee Eye Care