Holiday Eye Safety

What Does A Christmas Story have to do with eye safety?

The answer is everything! A Christmas Story is one of the very best modern holiday movies, in my opinion. It’s a great comedy, yet it carries an important message about eye safety. Throughout the movie the main character, Ralphie, is repeatedly told that he should not ask Santa for the Red Rider BB Gun because he might “shoot his eye out”. Of course, we remember this because we are in the business of keeping your eyes healthy!

Though we love to see the excitement on the faces of our children as they open and play with their new toys, we must remember to make safety a priority. This holiday season, be mindful of your surroundings. Wear appropriate eye protection when assembling toys or taking down the Christmas tree. Should something happen to your eyes during the holiday season, the Doctors at Milwaukee Eye Care are available to take care of you.

We wish all of the best to you and your family for a wonderful holiday and happy new year!

Bart Wiggenhorn, Technician Milwaukee Eye Care