The Subliminal Mind over Matter? What the 3rd Eye can potentially do for you!

Oh, the power of positive thinking and personal affirmations. There are subliminal messages all around us. One marketing strategy is to use subliminal messaging to sell products. Some use subliminal messages for a more powerful and inspiring reason… self improvement!

If you look online, you can find many websites that advertise the sale of CDs and MP3 downloads that provide messages which play at a frequency just outside of what the human ear can consciously pick up, but the subconscious mind can still process. Another method is to embed the positive messages in a track of music or nature sounds – the messages are played within the range of normal hearing but are not consciously heard. There are also smartphone apps that will flash phrases across the screen so briefly that the conscious mind cannot see the message but the subconscious mind can.

Positive affirmation subliminal messages can include messages to lose weight, stop smoking, promote positive thinking, improve motivation, and others. One that struck me as odd, yet interesting, was a track intended to improve eyesight. The idea behind this is the power of positive thinking – definitely not something you’ll find in medical books.

Below are a few examples of the messages used to promote better vision:

I believe I have the right to naturally clear and focused vision.

I am ready to accept natural clear sight.

My vision is improving and becoming clear and well focused

Healing energy flows into my eyes giving me clear vision.

We at Milwaukee Eye Care don’t prescribe treatment of this sort for treating vision or eye health problems, as there is no evidence that vision can be improved by convincing yourself you are seeing better. On the flip side, listening to positive messages and thinking positive thoughts certainly doesn’t seem harmful. There is a lot we don’t know about the mind-body connection!


Written by Bart W., Technician with Milwaukee Eye Care