Your Eye’s Family History

How Much Do You Know of Your Family History?

Childs drawing of their family“I think my mother’s, father’s, uncle’s cousin had glaucoma or cataracts or something? Does that mean I’ll get it?”

Sounds like a silly question. Take away the intended humor, & the question remains… Is it important to know about eye diseases in the family and should it impact your eye care decisions?

Researchers are discovering more and more of our genetic code every day. They are mapping the genes playing roles in conditions such as glaucoma & macular degeneration. Yes, scientists are even learning that common eye problems such as myopia(nearsightedness), hyperopia(farsightedness) & amblyopia(lazy eye) have roots in family genetic history.

How much do you know about your family history of eye ailments? When you visit our office for an eye exam, we will ask about it. It is important to have knowledge of a family history of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other problems when we are evaluating your eye health because it increases the risk that you may develop the same problems. We will be better able to counsel you on preventative measures, help you evaluate your risk, and recommend a monitoring schedule.

Here’s to good health!

Written by Bart W., Technician with Milwaukee Eye Care