Glasses for treating Glaucoma?

As always, here at Milwaukee Eye Care, we are hard at work keeping up with the latest technology in eye care. Today is no exception, and the hot topic is that a revolutionary way to treat glaucoma is in the works! Glaucoma is a condition which results in loss of optic nerve tissue over time,… Read More

Tips for choosing the right surgeon for your situation

So it turns out that you need cataract surgery. Maybe you’ve known for a long time and delayed the decision to have surgery or perhaps you’ve recently been diagnosed and told you need to have surgery soon. The prospect of having surgery on your eyes can seem very scary. You might ask yourself how you… Read More

Winter Weather Dry Eye Wonderland

How beautiful it is that we get 4 amazing seasons. Each season brings with it fun and beauty, but many of us deal with seasonal allergies and dread the onslaught of the spring, summer, and fall blooms. Oh how great winter is, with most of the causes of allergies buried under mounds of snow. Suddenly,… Read More

Eye Tips for a Safe Holiday!

The Holiday Season is in full swing. Children are brainstorming their lists for Santa Claus and parents everywhere are checking ads for the best prices. It is a fun yet stressful time of year for everyone. Many questions run through our minds. Did you buy the perfect gift for your son/daughter? Will they use this… Read More

Technology helping vision!

With technology ever-evolving, the companies that produce our smartphones, tablets and laptops are rising to meet the demands of their more health conscious consumers. Some of the features offered to ease our visual workload are the text-to-speech option, text font enlargement, and blue light filtration. The first 2 features are self explanatory, but what is blue light filtration and why should you consider… Read More

Be in the Know About Insurance Coverage

“Am I covered for my routine eye exam? I do have medical insurance.” This is a very common question. Insurance coverage can be very confusing! There are so many different types of plans, and vision coverage can be tricky to understand. Let’s try to clarify a few key points. The key to determining whether medical… Read More

Meet Dr. Mackenzie Sward

Mackenzie M. Sward, M.D.

We are proud to welcome Dr. Mackenzie Sward to Milwaukee Eye Care. We are so thrilled about the experience she brings to our staff and patients. She is a comprehensive ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery, macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease. She also performs minimally invasive glaucoma surgery and surgical treatment of eyelid disorders. Here’s… Read More

Principles of Diverse Pupils

Photo of different pupils

Round, oval, slit-shaped… Animals have pupils of many sizes and shapes. Why the difference? What makes one type of pupil more favorable than another? The pupil is an adjustable aperture which helps the brain cut down or increase the amount of light entering the retina allowing us to get a more defined image. As you… Read More

A shot in the eye? Intravitreal Injections, What are They?

There has been a lot of buzz at Milwaukee Eye Care recently about new treatments for conditions such as wet macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and macular edema. The use of intravitreal injections has become more commonplace in recent years and are providing help for conditions that we previously had little success treating. Intravitreal injections have… Read More

What am I to do?

Imagine this scenario: Your child who has worn glasses for years and now refuses to wear them. You argue and you remind and the glasses are somehow never on his or her face.  Sound at all familiar?  At an age when image seems to be everything, teens sometimes feel self-conscious in their glasses. Refusal to wear… Read More