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Back To School–Are Glasses Cool? (Tips for helping your child adjust to new glasses)

How would you describe your glasses? Are they fun? Are they fashionable? Do they accentuate your personality? These days, it has become fashionable to wear glasses to enhance your style, whether or not you actually need vision correction. But not too long ago, glasses were associated with negative traits like being nerdy or weak or… Read More

Summer Checklist

Summer is finally here!!!! I am sure, like me, you are enjoying the sunshine and soaking up as much as you can get! With the start of summer we are naturally outside more, with all the festivals, outdoor eating and lazy strolls through the park. With these wonderful things happening in our lives, we should… Read More

FSA/HSA Spending

It’s the end of the year…Do you have money in your FSA/HSA that you are looking to spend? Remember that your eyes are a great investment! Few of us think first of our eyes when we think of spending, but I am telling you to put them at the top of the list! Think about… Read More

Restore Vision With Your Tax Refund

Refund = “to give back or restore” We all wait for our tax refunds with big plans for the extra cash. Feel like a million bucks and see the world in perfect focus. Let your tax refund restore your vision! (The following suggestions are Uncle Sam approved.) Refund = LASIK Corrective Surgery + Toss your… Read More

Blue Light – how harmful is it?

What’s all the fuss over BLUE LIGHT? Blue light wavelengths, which are especially present in the morning light, are beneficial during the daytime in many ways because they increase attention span, boost reaction times, improve mood, and suppresses the sleep producing hormone melatonin. Human eyes are sensitive to light frequencies within the “visible light spectrum”… Read More

“Smart” Contact Lenses

Just when you thought you’d already heard about the latest in eye technology, Google surprises us again. The idea of the smart contact lens was introduced to the public earlier this year. Growing up, I’d always been into science fiction. You couldn’t keep me from the latest superhero movies. I’ve always been captivated by technology,… Read More

Rose Tinted Glasses

“Rose Colored Glasses” This phrase stirs up images of young love, but did you know that tinted glasses can help with your vision? Rose-tinted glasses can help with eye strain and help reduce the glare from computer screens and from snow. We need that this year! Yellow tints are popular among hunters; they improve sharpness… Read More

Fix Your Broken Eyeglasses

Eye glasses and accidents …we’ve all been there! Maybe you turned your back for one minute and the dog got to them, or you searched the house high and low for your missing pair of glasses, only to hear an unexpected crunch under foot. Don’t toss out your damaged glasses! Bring them to me and I’ll fix them. In the optical… Read More

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